Breast Cancer

Days to Diagnoses & 3 Day Water Fast

On November 2, 2016, exactly two years ago yesterday, I had a biopsy for a suspicious lump that I found after having a clean mammogram just shy of 3 months before.  When I went to my gynecologist during the 3rd week of October, he had a hard time finding the lump so I had to point it out to him. He didn’t seem worried since I had always been so healthy and I had had a mammogram so recently but he sent me for a repeat mammogram and ultrasound. He felt that it was more likely not to be anything to worry about and that due to my age, it was probably just a cyst. When I went for my repeat mammogram and ultrasound the last week of October, the technician couldn’t find the lump either and the mammogram was clean again. The ultrasound technician had the same problem but once I pointed it out to her, she was able to hone in on it.  The radiologist came in and advised that he was ordering me to have a biopsy. He felt it was a cyst, as my gynecologist had said, but said that he wanted to be sure. I’ll never forget that he added at the last moment as  my appointment was ending, there’s just a little suspicious area that looks like it may have a blood flow. Something told me, this wasn’t going to be good.

As I think about my initial feelings that day I clearly remember how I felt and the fear that was beginning to cover me.  God was already showing me the outcome and I felt despite my fear, everything would work out.  I had no idea how much more serious things would get before they would get better.

Today, as I remember the past, I’m reminded that everything we go through serves a purpose in our lives and that God uses our challenges for good. One thing I’ve learned and have incorporated into the cancer free protocol is the power of water fasting and prayer. At this moment, I’ve been fasting for 18 hours and 32 mins.

Fasting, a method of restricting food intake, has been practiced for thousands of years. Water fasting is a type of fast that restricts everything except water. It has become more popular in recent years as a quick way to lose weight. Studies have shown that water fasting could have health benefits. It may lower the risk of some chronic diseases and may stimulate autophagy, a process that helps your body break down and recycle old parts of your cells (12). From

6 months ago I did my first water only fast. I fasted for almost 4 days and it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Instead of water only this time, since I’ve been researching the healing and strengthening power of grapes I’ve decided to add pure grape juice and grapes, both organic, to my fast this time. I don’t think I’ll be consuming the grapes until Day 3.

So far, the initial cravings and hunger pains, and burning are beginning to take over. This is what I remember from my first fast. It truly is a mind over body experience.  I know it will pass so I just keep drinking water and I’ve had two glasses of about 6 oz of grape juice so far.  The grape juices helps so much.  The goal is a minimum of 1.5 liters of water per day. I’ve been very busy cleaning today so the time is passing by quickly.  This is the grape juice I’m consuming. Notice that it doesn’t have any preservatives, such as citric acid that you will find in most bottles. Also, it is stored in a glass, which is very important.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find organic seeded grapes, these would have been preferred but I am happy that Trader Joe’s has amazing juice and fruit!

The reasons I fast twice a year:

  1. When no food is consumed the body reverts to burning and using your fat reserves, these reserves contain toxins and once used they release these toxins which your organs are then able to remove from your body. This in turn rebalances out your immune system, hormones and the chemical balance of the body.
  2. After fasting, and depending on how clean your system already is, the blood in the body is filled with endorphins which has a major benefit on your mental clarity, sharpness, and overall mental health. I felt extremely aware, calm, in tune, and perceptive the last time. I also felt so much closer to God and focused on prayer.
  3. Glucose is the main food source for cancer cells.  Fasting rids the body of excess sugar and balances the glucose levels. Even though I refused chemotherapy when I was diagnosed, studies shown that this action has a major impact on those receiving chemotherapy and enables the drug to be more effective when killing tumor cells. The reduction in glucose and no calorie consumption has the body go into a very protective mode over the good body cells.
  4. Fasting combats obesity. I actually lost 11 lbs in almost 4 days the last time I fasted. This was definitely not my intention. This is another reason I’ve decided to add grapes to my fasting period this time around. I already eat so clean, that the fast probably works a little too well lol.
  5. Studies have shown to have a major healing effects over the intestines, which go into a resting mode during fasting, which enables them to basically recharge, strengthen, clean itself out, and heal if there is any damage. It also is a form of treatment for epilepsy, rheumatoid arthritis, pancreatitis and the entire body as a whole, including the skin,

There are so many benefits, you would really need to get a book to learn about them all in depth, but there’s a reason why people have been fasting since before biblical times. Speaking of the bible, while I fast, I definitely feel more at one with God and nature. I love to go outside, and read the word.  Your mind and spirit just seem more receptive when you are in a total fasting mode.

There are some bad effects that you will most likely experience during a fast. Honestly, during Day 2, as I went into Day 3, there was a moment I was afraid to go to sleep. I thought I could possibly be dying! I laugh about it now, but since it was my first experience I really didn’t know what to expect. No amount of research can prepare you when you are actually, physically, experiencing something. The things that stand out to me now, were headaches, which went away, overall body sluggishness, which was very pronounced for me because I am a hyper type person and I never stop moving. I did everything very slowly and had no stress. I also became extremely nauseous first thing in the morning on Day 3. Water was the cure all. I never really noticed how important and vital water is to our bodies until I fasted. You don’t realize you are losing water 24 hours a day whether you are moving or not. Also, the last thing was the heartburn, which I’ve only ever had during pregnancy. The first day and a half was when I noticed it the last time, and it’s happening again now. I know this will pass once my stomach realizes there’s no food and goes into resting mode.

Sine I am choosing not to follow traditional guidelines for breast cancer treatment but to rely on supplements, diet, essential oils, meditation, exercise in various forms, detox baths, saunas, teas, and herbs to fight and prevent breast cancer, I believe that fasting is a very powerful part of my protocol.

I just think that 2 years ago, I was told that I had to begin chemo and radiation as soon as possible, but God has provided me with wisdom and knowledge and the fruits of His earth to heal my body and I’m still here with no signs of cancer in my body. There’s no telling what the future holds but I hold on to God and that’s comfort enough for me.

Bye for now, BooCakes!



By kimberleeb, November 3, 2018
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