Water Fast Feedback & Dolce & Gabbana Copycat

I ended my 3 day water fast Monday night and I feel great! This second one of the year was MUCH easier and I know why! When I did my last water fast it was in the month of May. I remember sweating a lot while walking my dogs and driving. I remember it being hotter than usual. Heat, sweating, and fasting make for a very uncomfortable person. I now know that’s why I must have had the nausea and just overall exhausted feeling.

When I ended my fast, I had actually fasted for more than 2 hours beyond the time I wanted to end. Since I know that I must consume foods that are very easy to digest and consume them very slowly I started with organic pure coconut water, which I love, and a small glass of seamoss. I also had a small bowl of organic grapes. I ate slowly, but I still had the very full, and tight feeling in my stomach. Immediately, rumbling started in my stomach and I started to feel uncomfortable.  When you haven’t eaten, your stomach is literally resting. There’s no digestion going on and you can harm yourself if you eat too much too quickly. I had much more energy this time and thus was ready to dive into a meal, but still took it slowly, but I guess not slowly enough. Thankfully, I ended my fast at night so I was tired and just went to bed.

Tuesday morning was my first real meal. At the end of my last fast, I ate very soft and pure things like large amounts of fruit, watermelon, smoothies, etc for the whole next day, before having a true meal but this time I felt great and thought I could handle it. Wrong. I was so extremely full and my stomach felt so tight, that I didn’t feel hungry again until the evening. I think coconut water is the best thing to consume when breaking your fast, and then softer fruits. My stomach is finally doing it’s normal thing. Remember, when you fast, you don’t go to the bathroom except number 1. The key to this fast was to fast at least 12 hours on water only, before introducing organic grape juice, and again it’s important for it to be in glass bottles, or fresh juiced, and contain no preservatives like citric acid. If you’re thinking of fasting, start slowly with 12 hours, then 24, then eventually do 3 days. The longest I’ve done is almost 4, but I’ve seen people do 30-40. I’m not ever going to do that, lol.  This fast I lost 8 lbs, the last time 11. I hope to put the weight back on as quickly as last time.  When you break the fast, don’t go out and eat a Big Mac! I’ve heard of someone doing that and they ended up in the hospital. The last thing I can imagine anyone doing is going through the commitment and strength it takes to fast and detox your body only to fill every starving cell with poisons. What’s the point of that!

I made sure to get my workouts in right up to the day of my fast. The last thing you should do while fasting is exercise. However, you should walk outdoors, take detox baths, and rest.That’s why I chose a weekend.

On another note, it’s been raining for the past few days with minimal breaks but I found a short break to get out in this cold weather to take some pics of my latest creations.

White One Shoulder Top: McCall’s 7686

I used a white, rayon/spandex knit fabric. It’s very lightweight and stretchy, which creates a lot of drape. I really like the options in this fabric. You could also use a heavier type knit as well.  I measure a 12 and cut a 12 which was a perfect fit and the look I was going for.

Black Side Ruffle Pants: Simplicity 8649

I used what I think is a scuba knit or a fabric very similar. It’s a heavier weight knit but great texture.  I LOVE these pants and when I gain my 8 lbs back they are going to be cuter than they are now lol! I love the side ruffle, high waist, wide legs and the fit.  I measure a 14 but cut a 12.  I didn’t shorten length as I usually do. I am just about 5’4″ and they are the perfect length.  I do have on black patent pumps. I will definitely be rocking these this fall!

And finally…The TOTE!

Handles, and faux fur on handbags have been all over the runway this year, so I knew exactly what I was going to do! I am always looking for ways to use fabric I have in my stash and when I saw this tote I immediately went to my stash thinking I might have something similar and TADAHHHH! I saved over $1,200! I already had the handles, which I decided to use instead of purchasing similar straps and I also had some black lining!

Faux Fur Animal Print Bag: Simplicity 5541, this pattern is out of print but you can find it on Ebay or Etsy. (Excuse the rain streaks on my gorgeous bag, but I love you guys so much I stood in the rain for pics! LOL) Unfortunately, with the rain, I wasn’t able to get a video of me wearing my outfit. My print is more of a cheetah type but still works.

Ok, BooCakes, that’s all for now! I pray God covers and blesses you until next time!

By kimberleeb, November 7, 2018
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