Angled Hem Velvet Dress

Well it’s been a whole week since my 3 day fast ended and I’m feeling amazing! This week I will be eating completely raw vegan. I ate some delicious but far from raw, vegan food this weekend lol.  I’ll do my best to share exactly what I’m eating this week. I also only worked out once this week, which is completely foreign to me. I usually work out 4 days a week, sometimes twice a day. I really am craving a sauna trip this week as well.

So for breakfast today I had a smoothie bowl. You can go to my Instagram to see the simple recipe.  I’ll share lunch and dinner for today, tomorrow hopefully.

This weekend I got a chance to get out and visit some truly missed friends to celebrate a birthday. It’s so funny how when you get around women you haven’t seen in years, but women who you share intimate and sometimes painful details of your life and memories with, it just makes you feel safe and truly at peace and happy. I wore a super easy but chic creation using Simplicity 8688. I measure 12-14-14 and cut a straight 12. I used a gorgeous lavender gray stretch velvet. I love everything about this pattern!


My boots are Guess. It was a freezing cold night, the first truly “Fall” evening but if it’s a sign of the times, it’s going to be a cold one this year. I had a wonderful time celebrating Grace and seeing all the ladies!

Time truly does not stop for anyone and we should do everything we can to enjoy the moments and keep in touch. As I think about life, when I set out to heal my body, I gave myself a time period. I was originally being pushed to have chemo and radiation and was told that my future depended on it, and that I should think of my children and what would happen to them if I didn’t follow doctor’s advice and the cancer spread. I wanted to give myself a full year to focus on strengthening my relationship with God, improving my emotional state through therapy, and detoxing my body through holistic medicine. I said that if at that time things weren’t improving, that I would then consider conventional treatments. Well, it will soon be 2 years since my initial diagnosis and there’s been a few scares, but my body has never been stronger, nor has my relationship with God, and my relationship with my family. I am in the best mental and physical state that I have ever been. God is truly amazing! I cried out for wisdom and guidance and he provided it in a big way!

Now that my 2 year anniversary is approaching, I feel that I am ready to re-enter the workforce. I love that I’ve created products for other breast cancer warriors to support them (you can find them in my Etsy store: TheBCBoutique and on IG: Breast_Cancer_Boutique), and I love that this side business is continuing to grow, but I’ve begun weighing the pros and cons of going back into the corporate world, versus teaching. I love being a teacher, but I know that re-entering the public school system will not be good for my emotional health, and honestly, as much as I love the students and I know that I’m a good teacher, I love myself more.  Over these last two years I’ve come to know my emotional strengths and weaknesses much better.  I’ve also begun toying around with the idea of starting a homebased childcare/preschool. I’m looking forward to the income again, but I need to make sure I making the right choice for my overall health. I will definitely be praying about it and I know that God will lead me where I’m supposed to be.

Until next time BooCakes! Muuuaaahhhh!

By kimberleeb, November 12, 2018
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